So after a good amount of time worth of research after my last post:

I found out that “Hagun Seisenki” is a very early Doujinshi work by CLAMP, which was discontinued because CLAMP noticed a similar manga being published.
"Hagun Seisenki" tells the story of eight warriors that were reincarnated into the modern era to stop a threat that is on the verge of rising again after being sealed for so long in the year 1989-92(ish). Two of these warriors are our very own Suoh Takamura, from "CLAMP School Detectives," and Yuuto Kigai, from X.

The story takes place at CLAMP Gakuen (or CLAMP School/Campus) and all of the main warriors are students  or teachers at campus.
Yuuto is a second year university student, and Suoh is a fourth grade elementary student. Since Suoh is in fourth grade, that would mean that the story takes place at least a year before “CLAMP School Detectives.”
The warrior’s apparently represent the 8 themes of Confucianism.
Yuuto is the reincarnation of Inugai Genpachi Nobumichi, who represents “Shin” or “Faith” and “Truth.”
Suoh is the reincarnation of Inumura Daikaku Masanori, who represents “Rei” or “Courtesy” and “knowledge and proper observation of tradition and manners.”

A little interesting tidbit about this series…their is apparently a character named Fuyukaze Shirou, a young math teacher in the high school section of CLAMP Gakuen who is the reincarnation of Yatsufusa, one of their supposed “enemies,” he uses a weapon known as the “Yōtō Murasamemaru” (a katana who’s name roughly translates to “Demon Blade Murasamemaru”).  

He is said to be quite tall, handsome and wears glasses. In X it is heavily implied that Tooru Magami (Kamui’s mother), and her sister Tokiko (Kamui’s aunt), studied and graduated from CLAMP Gakuen.

So their is a real possibility that Fuyukaze might be Kamui’s father. However, their is doubt to this since rumor has it that Fuyukaze’s last name is written in a different Kanji than Kamui’s. However, his character design look’s much like Kamui (once I find an image I can save and post I’ll post it >=3). As such, their is also the possibility that Kamui’s character design is based on Fuyukaze. However, I feel as though that is unlikely since CLAMP made it a point to refer to this doujinshi whenever the character’s that appeared in it would appear in one of their other manga, implying that its events take place in their past.

Oh well, what do all of you think?

Source of info:

Here’s a bonus for you guys, a timeline that entails the events of all of the manga’s/doujinshi’s that take place in the “CLAMP Gakuen” universe:

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